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frequently asked questions

What does "getting draped" mean?

Getting draped is the process of having personal color analysis. The analyst uses several test drapes, or swatches of cloth, to test the client for Hue, Chroma, and Value. She will drape these clothes across the client, under the neck, in order to compare and study the optical differences to determine the client's natural skin tone. 

Who is TCI?

TCI, True Colour International, is the 12-tone Sci\ART system in which I was trained and certified. Amelia Butler is the trainer and founder of TCI. She learned and worked with Kathryn Kalisz.  "The TCI personal colour communication system is based on the science of natural colour harmony, accurate interpretation of the Munsell colour system, full- spectrum light theory, human physiology and psychology." Quoted from Amelia Butler off the TCI website, found here.  

Who is Kathryn Kalisz?

Kathryn Kalisz is the founder and developer of Sci\ART™, and also an world renowned expert Munsel colorist. Sci\ART™ is a state-of-the-art color analysis method designed to accurately identify a person’s natural color tone, positioned within a three-dimensional color space.

How do i prepare for my appointment?

Please come to your appointment with bare, clean skin.  No make-up, artificial tan or fragrance. Also please do not schedule your appointment right after you color your hair or eyebrows, as it can skew the results. Natural hair color is best. If your hair is colored I will cover it with a neutral gray cap. I also request that you pull long hair back in a ponytail. 

Is PCa just for women?  adults only?

No! PCA is for everyone, male or female, all skin tones welcomed and encouraged. Although PCA is not for adults only, they are preferred because the process takes several hours. It can become exhausting for a child to sit still through the entire appointment.

How long does the appointment last? 

Appointments typically last 2-3 hours. I provide a brief history about PCA. Followed by the draping. Afterwards I explain how to find hues in your tone, and how to use your new swatch book. We can also discuss make-up and key words for your specific tone, which helps with online shopping.

Can i bring someone to my appointment with me?

Yes! I personally find PCA a lot of fun to experience with a friend.  I also offer a discount for Buddy appointments. Mother/daughter appointments have been really enjoyable. I do, however, request no more than 1-2 friends, as too many people can cause a distraction. It is very important that the client understands the process and can pay attention to the results throughout the draping process.

What type of additional support do you provide?

I make myself available to clients with questions about their tones, or shopping emergencies. It is important to me to make sure my clients understand the important aspects of their new tone, and how to use it in relation to personal appearance.

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