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Client testimonials


Ashley, Light Spring

"I was so surprised by my season and what colors make me look my best!  Lauren  has a combination of professional expertise and natural instincts that made it a wonderfully eye opening experience.  Lauren's passion for color analysis shows, and I feel fortunate to have been draped in her studio!"

kelly, soft autumn

"When I booked my appointment I didn’t know what to expect. I was made to feel extremely comfortable right away. Lauren was very welcoming and very informative. The entire appointment went smoothly even though I had to bring my sweet newborn with me. Lauren was very professional. Since my appointment I feel well versed in my palette. I enjoy shopping now because I know what clothing and make up will fit my colors. Thank you Lauren!"


allie, dark autumn

"I'm so thankful I found Lauren for personal color analysis! She took the time to explain everything to me during my analysis so I could actually understand what does/doesn't work well for me... and the WHY! I thought I knew what looked good on me, but now I realize I was only scratching the surface. My analysis and Lauren's guidance have pushed me to try new things with my wardrobe. I can't recommend Lux Timbre enough!"

Ashley, True winter

"I love being able to use my fan to match the perfect colors that suit me as a True Winter. Lauren is very professional and knowledgeable about PCA. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to 'be a better you'."


amy,dark autumn

"Lauren was so great to work with.   She gave me a full color analysis and we did a refresher a few months later.  She taught me how to shop for the right colors and found a great lip shade for me as well!  She is so helpful when I text her photos when I'm shopping."

Amanda, Soft Summer

"I’m so glad I did this! I had always mistakenly put myself in a completely different season than I really am. It makes so much sense now why the colors never looked quite right on me! 
Color theory has always fascinated me, and it was incredibly interesting to see how the different color drapes affected my skin, hair, and eyes. I learned that some colors I thought were ok, really aren’t the best, and found lots of colors that I never thought I could wear that actually look amazing. 
My color fan will be my new bff when I’m shopping, helping me narrow down what I’m looking for more quickly, especially when it comes to makeup. Simplifying shopping with three little ones in tow is everything!"

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