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"Personal color analysis is a science based on facts.  It is not a passing fad or fancy, but rather the evolution of an awareness of our own coloring, its significance and implications."

                                                                                     - Kathryn Kalisz, Founder of Sci\ART™


Do you stare at a full closet, yet feel you have nothing to wear? Do you buy clothes for the color, yet never wear them? Or maybe you want to downsize; create a capsule wardrobe? Regardless, personal color analysis can simplify your life by steering you toward colors that are naturally harmonious to your unique tone. It helps eliminate items that don't belong. Personal color analysis isn't about following strict rules. It provides deeper insight into what is harmonious for you based on hue, value, and chroma. It's equally vital for the analyst to identify color harmony as for the client to understand why. Getting draped should be an enlightening process.    

The analyst's objective is to illuminate their client's specific color tone. Therefore bringing into harmony other aspects of the client's appearance. Streamlining all the choices for clothing, makeup and accessories to just those that are complimentary, simplifies shopping. "The TCI personal colour communication system is based on the science of natural colour harmony, accurate interpretation of the Munsell colour system, full- spectrum light theory, human physiology and psychology," explains True Colour International (TCI) founder, Amelia Butler.



about me

My name is Lauren Tomlin. I'm from middle Tennessee and graduated from the University of Tennessee before working in television, and starting a family.  

I was certified in 2017 through True Colour International (TCI), but I have loved color my whole life. I grew up working in makeup counters and bridal shops, enjoying helping people look and feel their best.

I discovered personal color analysis in 2016, and was instantly intrigued. Being draped as a Dark Autumn in early 2017 was life-changing. I went from washed-out and tired to a more confident, youthful appearing mom of toddlers. I was hooked! As a researcher, I explored color harmony extensively. I decided to train with the best, so I chose True Colour International in October 2017, and was certified by year-end.

My favorite part of color analysis is the added simplicity. Getting ready used to take hours; now with the right clothes and makeup, I look rested and polished in 10-15 minutes. Wearing colors that harmonize with my specific tone makes all the difference (see my before & after.)



Personal Color Analysis.......$350*

-A color analysis session typically lasts around 2 hours.


-Includes an archival-quality palette fan with 65 colors in your tone (valued at $95)


-Makeup and hair color suggestions available upon request.

*$100 Non-refundable Deposit due at the time of booking.


-$10 off per person for a Buddy Session (2-3 people, max)

-Group rates available for wedding/bachelorette parties, upon request


I am more than happy to travel to your home or city. Please send me an email to make arrangements. 

-Additional $100 for a local in-home daytrip in the Middle TN area

-Additional $225 for out of state, plus a 4-8 person booking minimum with $100 deposit. 

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When I'm not introducing clients to their personal color harmony,

I can be found hiking with my husband, and our four children. We are fortunate enough to be able to home educate. We get to spend a lot of time together at home, and in our community.

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